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Mission Statement

GreenStep's mission statement is to make everyone we have the pleasure of working with "Free, Independent & Secure, one 'Green Step' at a time". With our unique Intellectual Property (IP) and proprietary developments, we can effect a massive change in the economy by providing various streams of employment and opportunities; as well as massive savings for our customers.



GreenStep is a conglomerate of many green technologies, departments, and companies. Everything we do is designed to bring you a better way of life. Our company is comprised of four main divisions: 


The Commerce Division incorporates the interchange of goods or services through business or trade. GreenStep has developed a Trade & Barter Systems and various Cooperatives to help everyone make money and save money too! 


GreenStep's Life Division was designed with only one purpose in mind, to better our own lives, and the lives around us. There are four categories within our Life Division: Wellness, Foods, Farms, and Preparedness & Survival. Each of these categories offer the highest quality products and services to help everyone come one "GreenStep" closer to health, happiness and independence. Our Life Division is a crucial component to achieving our mission at GreenStep.


Our Energy Division specializes in products and services that produce Clean Energy for your home or business. We offer revolutionary technologies that are proven, impressive, world changing products and applications. Our GreenStep Energy team has key personnel to provide our customers with the much needed technical and professional expertise required to accomplish phenominal results. Our Energy Division is providing ways to become completely Free, Independent and Secure with all of your energy needs.


Our Environmental Division offers energy conservation technologies to correct the inefficiency problems within our homes and businesses. With the consumer in mind, GreenStep Environmental has developed these impressive technologies for every home or business so they can become more energy effiecient. With solutions for heating, air conditioning, water, electricity, and more, we strive to provide the best products available to save you the most money. We can help you start saving up to 50% of your current expenditures in these areas of concern, or you can choose to become completely self suffiecient with our Energy Division technologies!


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