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New Eternal Fluorescent Lamps

GreenStep releases new Eternal Fluorescent Lighting (EFL) items. In addition to the commercial and industrial fixtures and retrofit technologies already released, these additional options are now available to sEnergy Lightings' EFL Suite.



EFL Lamps & Ballasts Spec Sheet
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New Wattages in low wattage Mushroom Style EFL: The new options of the EFL Self Ballasted Mushroom make other options for smaller and larger light levels that previously were only available through the 23w and 40w.  Now there is a 15w and a 50w option available. Available in mogul size (E40) bases or standard (E26) base screw types.

New Dimmable Version of the Self Ballasted 40 Watt Circle EFL: This dimmable version of the very popular circle style self ballasted EFL allows for line voltage to 30 percent. Looks and is the exact same size as the original 40 watt Self Ballasted version. This light compares with 175 to 250 watt Matal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Low Pressure Sodium and of course the Mercury Vapor.
New Super-High Power Crossfire Retrofit EFL: The Circle and Square series crossfire lamps and ballast retrofit up to 300w (circle) and 300, 400w (square) that were only available previously in fixtures, are now available for field retrofits.


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