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Eternal FluorescentThe new patented Eternal Fluorescent Lighting (EFL) technology is essentially a fluorescent lamp without electrodes, cathodes or filaments. With the absence of electrodes, the lamp relies on the fundamental principles of gas discharge and electromagnetic induced current to produce light. The result of this is a lamp with an unmatched life span Lasting up to 120,000 hours, This system can last longer than 100 incandescent lamps, 5 HID, or 5 typical fluorescent lamp changes. The basic technology for EFL lamps is not particularly new. The principle of EFL was introduced to the world by the scientist Nicola Tesla in the 1800’s.  Tesla once lit 200 lamps without wires from 25 miles away.

EFL lights are similar to fluorescent lights in that they use gasses, which once ‘excited’, react with the phosphor that coats the tubes to produce white light.  Unlike fluorescent lamps, EFL systems are rated at 100,000 hours.  This is because fluorescent lamps must use electrodes, which degrade with time, to ‘excite’ the gasses inside of the tube.  EFL Lamps do not use electrodes but instead uses the principle of EFL (the transmission of energy by way of magnetic field).  Think of it as wireless lighting.
EFL is a technology that produces light by creating an electromagnetic field that activates the mercury atoms to produce UV photons which through a phosphorus lining to create a very brilliant visible light (just as a coil causes movement in a motor). The patented EFL system blends technology that was first demonstrated about 100 years ago when Nicoli Tesla over and more recently adapted thirty years ago with new features that were not commercially viable, or cost effective until now. We have overcome the barriers of high cost and the technological setbacks such as EMC interference, lumen depreciation, and inability to dim along with a useful range of wattages. We now offer over fifty different combinations of lamp wattages in three different styles and offer dimmable options on many models. As a result we have unlimited options of commercial luminaries available to meet every need including 43 standard configurations ranging from interior factory/warehouse to exterior roadway/parking and units for the hospitality industry. We are a custom fabrication shop to design and meet the needs of any style of luminaire you may need.
EFL Lamps and bulbs can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Inside, they work better on high ceiling areas like shopping malls, department and other stores, warehouse facilities, manufacturing plants, covered parking structures, convention centers, hotel lobbies and ballrooms, and other public and commercial larger buildings.
Outside, EFL lamps will provide better illumination for parking lots, strip malls, roads, parks, public gardens, amusement parks, condominiums, docks, pier, construction sites etc.

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