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Fossil (noun): “a remnant or trace of an organism of a past geologic age, such as a skeleton or leaf imprint, embedded and preserved in the earth's crust”.

What if you could harness the nutrient value of what used to be in an organic pre-historic forest? What value would a pre-historic nutrient have on living plants today?

We have successfully developed proprietary methods to capture the essence from organic compost of plants and ancient forests long ago. We call it Fossil Nutrients! It is an all natural, beyond organic nutrients for all plant life! We harvest a small portion of, what used to be a significant amount of compost. Over time, these trace amounts have become extremely potent, providing a highly rich product source. After we crush and grind up the fossil into a mass aggregate, we put it through several processes. We then end up with nutrient packed formula's that plants can immediately absorb. These super-nutrients contain minerals and other components that are no longer available in our soils today due to depletion. Imagine having the same nutrients for your plants today, that the plants in prehistoric times once fed on, making them lush and enormous. Now you can!

Tradition fertilzers are salt-based and will leave your soil salt-bound. Nothing can be worse for you plants. Salt-bound soil means the nutrients that were once there are now locked up in the salt and the plants cannot absorb it. Our Fossil Nutrients contain special ingredients such as humic and fulvic acids that actually break down the salts and release the nutrients back into the soil, while also adding other much needed nutrients.


Our Fossil Nutrients is now available in 3 different forms:


1. Fossil Fertilizer: Family of liquid nutrients for wide variety or specific focus of growing.
2. Fossil Compost: Family of dirt or granular nutrients for wide variety and specific formulas.
3. Fossil Grow Mediums: Combination of granular and liquid nutrients in sponge-like grow mediums of varying sizes.


Research has proven that our fossil nutrients are ideal for houseplants, agriculture, lawns, flowers, organic food crops and, well, just about any plant you can imagine. This is something that you will have to try out for yourself, as you won’t believe it when we say that it's even better than today’s chemical fertilizer formulations!

           Liquid Fertilizer                Granular Compost                  Grow Medium


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- How is GreenStep’s Fossil Nutrients different from other nutrients/fertilizers?
A- Most other fertilizers on the market are salt based. This means that the salt actually locks up the nutrients and makes it unavailable to the plant.  Our Fossil Nutrient is completely organic and has Humic and Fulvic acids that actually break down salts in the soil, allowing the plant to fully utilize all available nutrients.
GreenStep’s Fossil Nutrients is also derived from fossilized plants and earth. This means that our fertilizers have nutrients available that is no longer identifiable in botany today, because they have been completely depleted from our soil over the last 50 years. This amazing nutrient gives your plants an extremely high nutrient content, amazing color, and great taste! GreenStep Fossil Nutrient is available in both liquid and granular forms with 19 different formulas available. We have exactly what you need for any plant in any type of growing environment.
Q- How do I know which Nutrient formula to use?
A- Because there are 19 different formulas to choose from, selecting the right one can be tricky. We have Consultants specially trained to help with any questions you may have. Call 877-504-7678 or download the Fossil Nutrient Guide for more information on each formula to see which one best fits your needs.
Q- Where does Fossil Nutrient come from?
A- GreenStep’s Fossil Nutrients is harvested from fossilized earth and plants deposited deep beneath the earths surface. These deposits are highly rich in nutrients no longer available in todays soil, due to over farming and depletion. If the average person were to look at this fossilized earth, all they would see is a dark, black looking rock. We have a proprietary process of extracting the nutrients from the rock, making it readily available to you in our Fossil Nutrient products.


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