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Intelligent Motor Control is fast becoming an 'Industry Standard' as responsible Managers are recognizing, that with the on-going turbulence in energy prices, they cannot leave their motors running inefficiently with no control. The effective control of motor driven applications offers a very real opportunity to offset energy price rises, and defend (or increase) profit margins.

  • Motor controllers soft start the motors
  • They optimize the torque to exactly match the work load of a motor

We have been involved in the development and application of intelligent motor control for years, and continue to work with our customers in this field, to develop a range of practical features that will significantly reduce the running costs and maintenance challenges of applications powered by AC induction motors.

What Is Intelligent Motor Control?
In simple terms, we have taken well established soft start technology a stage further by introducing additional intelligence - this not only controls the motor when it starts, but also as it is running and when it stops.

What Can Intelligent Motor Control Technology Do For You?
Whether you are involved in financial, environmental, or operational management, Intelligent Motor Control systems can help you to meet your targets.


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