I have to tell you that I was really dubious of the claims you made regarding Senergy lights.  After all, lights are lights, right?  When you put in a sample in room 7 so I could compare, I thought they were maybe dim compared to our bright fluorescent lights.  Still I liked the color of your lights better.  I could actually FEEL the stress on my eyes diminish when I walked into the room with your lights.  I had lasik surgery a few years ago and ever since I have...

I have been working under the RA lights (full spectrum lights) and was recently tested in February for Vitamin D3 which is traditionally low in winter. I tested in the normal range and really surprised my health provider. I don't get outdoors much in the winter so my health provider was pretty surprised.

I just got a fixture and put two T5 lamps with Crossfires in it for my home office. I can't believe the difference!
I have never enjoyed lights in offices, and my old lights were pretty dark, but I thought the other rooms in the house looked alright. Now, my office light looks amazing compared to everything else, and I want to be in there all the time, just for the light. I had no idea that two lamps could make such a big difference in my home office!

I absolutely love my new WaterFarm! The fact that I can have a clean water source and not have to worry about contaminates &/or additives is a real comfort. It works great and tastes good too! I feel a lot better about the water my family is drinking now. I can't wait to get my solar kit for the unit as well. The fact that I can run it without electricity in an emergency is awesome! One of the best purchases I have ever made!

 I attended a seminar and became a free member of the cooperative. I am really excited about all that Greenstep is doing and I'm glad to be a part of it. There is a lot to learn, but it's a fun, new journey. I ordered a free energy audit and they came out the next day! The people are really nice and good to work with. I am really axcited about the new insulation and energy conservation stuff they talked to me about and will certainly be putting it in my home.

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