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About Greenstep

Greenstep is a family business that helps thousands of companies in Europe grow through clarity. Green signifies the growth that we achieve by taking the necessary steps together. Our team of 500+ experts in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia:​

  • Takes care of and automates our clients’ accounting and payroll,​
  • Jumps into their daily operations as interim or part-time CFOs and HR Managers​
  • Finds new financing or owners when necessary​
  • Implements business analytics and backbone ERP software to support their global ambitions.​
  • Helps them build a more sustainable and educated future.​

Our clients range from startups to listed companies, from non-profits to for-profits, local funds, and international growth companies. We can relate to them all: we’ve been there ourselves and know what problems they’re facing. Together, we can identify and take the next greenstep. ​

    We are located in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Estonia and have the support of our 100+ partners worldwide via the MSI Global Alliance network.

    You can find our open positions here.