Expanding to Japan

Expand your business to Japan, we got your back

Expanding your business to Japan's market requires a lot of coordination, resources, and knowledge of the country's laws and regulations. Having a partner that can scale with you and support is crucial, and we are at your help to minimize the risk of trial and error.

Greenstep is part of the MSI Global Network, which ensures that you will have a partner with the necessary local knowledge by your side in the target country as well.

CurrencyJapanese Yen JPY
VAT rate10 %, 8 %
Kilometer allowanceNo set rate.
Daily allowanceNo set rate.

What we can do for you

  1. Centralized processes: Accounts Payable, travel claims/credit card expenses
  2. Group consolidation and Reporting, with co-ordination inhouse or Greenstep
  3. NetSuite platform
  4. With the local partner: Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, Statutory reporting, VAT, and Tax returns

All global solutions are tailor-made - book an appointment with us to discuss more on the possibilities for your company!

The mistakes we can help you avoid

  • Not being aware of all the differences in laws, regulations, and policies.
  • Growing too quickly without having sufficient processes in place.
  • Expanding your business without a global partner as support.

The best way to learn is through experience - if you don't have it yet, have a partner that does!

We'll connect you to the right partner

Our MSI Global partner in Japan is Furuhashi & Associates. It is based in Tokyo and is a member of the MSI Global Alliance. They would be delighted to provide services to our clients in Japan.