Netvisor support

Log in to Netvisor

How do I log in to Netvisor? Go to and click ”kirjaudu Netvisoriin”. You can log in to Netvisor with your personal bank codes or mobile certificate. The system asks who the service provider is, which is Netvisor Oy. This is how you log in to Netvisor.

Accounts payable in Netvisor

How do I manage and pay accounts payable in Netvisor? In Netvisor go to the ”accounts payable view”. You can manage the invoices by clicking on the invoice number. Control the invoice information and approve the invoice which makes it ready for payment. Then choose from which account the invoice will be paid and choose ”continue to summary”. Then send the payment material by clicking ”send payment material”.

Creating customers and products in Netvisor

How do I create customer or product information in Netvisor? In order to create a product in Netvisor, go to ”products” and ”new product”. Fill in the product name. Remember that in order to send invoices Netvisor requires that there is at least one product created in the system. Save the product and control that you can find the product in Netvisors product list.

In order to create a new customer in Netvisor go to ”customers” and ”new customer”. Fill in the customer name and the invoice information. Choose ”private customer” if the customer does not have a business ID. After you’ve created the new customer go to ”edit static data”. Fill in the electronic invoice information under ”consumer electronic invoicing data”. You can find electronic invoice addresses by going to

Creating sales invoices in Netvisor

How do I create and send sales invoices in Netvisor? Go to ”accounting”, ”sales invoices” and ”new invoice”. Choose the customer. Fill in the invoice information and choose the product. Choose the quantity and price. When the sales invoice is done choose ”save and end editing”. Send the invoice by clicking on ”to sales process”.


How do I fill in the budget in Netvisor? Go to ”reporting” and ”accounting reports”. Choose ”profit and loss statement, comparison to budget”. Now you can see the profit and loss statement next to a budget that shows zero. Fill in the budget by going to ”accounting”, ”controller” and ”budget”. Choose ”budget all groups/accounts”. In the account table, use the dropdown menu to go to the account you want, in this case ”3000 sales”. Fill in the budget and then choose ”export values to table”. Save the changes. Go back to the comparison of the profit and loss statement and the budget. Choose the accounting period and ”show report”. Now you can see the report including the budget you have filled in.

Accounting reports in Netvisor

How do I see the accounting reports in Netvisor? You’ll find all the necessary reports in Netvisor by going to ”accounting”, ”reporting” and ”accounting reports”. Choose the report you want to be showed from ”form of report”. Then show ”choose the report”. By clicking on ”expand all” Netvisor will show you the specific information on every account.

Creating travel expenses in Netvisor

How do I travel expenses in Netvisor? In Netvisor, go to ”HRM”, ”travel and cost write-offs” and ”new travel expense”. Fill in the travel’s heading and choose yourself as a participant from the participant list. Press ”save”. Choose ”add other expense”. Choose the account, amount, unit price and VAT %. Fill in the specification for the expense and save.

Add a travelling expense by choosing ”add travelling expense”. Choose the vehicle, the amount of passengers, the distance, specification and the day of the travel. Add a per diem by choosing ”add dailu allowance” or ”per diem allowance counter” if you want Netvisor to count the per diem for you. Choose the location, start and end time, fill in the specification and save.

Choose all the travel expenses in Netvisor’s travel expense view then choose ”acknowledge selected”. Also remember to attach the receipts to the expenses by clicking on the paper icon under “appendices”.