Payroll for big companies

Errors in payroll are one of the biggest factors influencing employee dissatisfaction. Do you want to maintain the satisfaction of your staff with our team of more than 40 skilled payroll staff including multiple PHT-certified experts? As a payroll partner, we are trusted by more than 800 of our customers.

Customer relationship at the heart of outsourced payroll

At the heart of our service, we provide a payroll team, which is managed by a designated customer manager. We believe in the power of dialogue, which will enable us to continue to provide the payroll services that are best for you. Our customer manager will ensure that communication and development will work on both strategic and operational levels.

The team assigned to take care of your payroll brings more information, continuity and clarity for your payroll. With the team's versatile expertise, you can find answers to even the most difficult questions concerning payroll or various collective agreements. A team of several experts will also improve the quality control of payroll. Deviations are closely monitored and reported on a regular basis. Information flows and is distributed in an agile way within Greenstep, which speeds up support from our other service areas for the customer and ensures a holistic approach from the customer’s perspective.

Continuous development paves the way to a better future

  • To meet changing requirements, we develop our payroll skills, processes and systems for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers
  • Our experts will maintain and update their expertise with continuous training
  • We aim to increase efficiency and accuracy by automating data transfers and minimizing manual processes
  • We also leverage robotics to minimize manual activity, such as checking data and performing reconciliations. Greenstep's robotics team assists our payroll team and the customer in development operations.