Ella Tanskanen Sustainability Officer

Carbon Footprint and Handprint

Demand for low-emission products and services will increase as the EU aims for a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Climate neutrality means that society produces only as much emissions as it can sequester from the atmosphere. The transition requires verifiable data on emissions of the products and services from each company.

For decision-making, stakeholders, investors, financiers, insurers, customers, and employees want information on emissions from products and services.

We help our customer to increase their competitiveness:

  • by measuring business emissions and life cycle environmental impacts
  • by measuring the positive impact of business, i.e., business, on reducing society's emissions
  • by making a plan to reduce emissions and other negative environmental impacts
  • by supporting strategy work and business development
  • by integrating emissions data into a product or service
  • by utilizing information in sales and communication.

Benefits of emission accounting and life cycle assessment:

  • A clear picture of the positive and negative environmental impacts of your business
  • An economically attractive and risk-free investment
  • Opportunity to develop a competitive advantage by offering the lowest emission solution on the market

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