Whistleblowing - File a report

You are about to report an abuse. The denunciation can be made in your own name or anonymously. We strongly encourage you to report by name so that we can ask you for more information and keep you informed of progress as necessary. We fully protect your anonymity and your identity will not be revealed at any time.

We will process the denunciation within seven days and notify you of the progress of the processing and any action taken within three months of receiving the denunciation.

If you wish to make a denunciation orally (remotely or face to face), please submit an appointment request via the form below. A face-to-face meeting will be arranged outside your workplace with a Greenstep expert, ensuring your anonymity.

The denunciation can be made in Finnish, Swedish, English, or Estonian. If necessary, check out the Whistleblowing FAQ.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of abuses can be reported?

This reporting channel is for abuses in companies. denunciation can be made, for example, by employees, suppliers, or subcontractors. Abuses can be, for example, bribes, tax evasion, human trafficking, discrimination, or workplace harassment.

Will my personal information be provided to the subject of the report?

No. Cooperation with the company targeted by the denunciation is often required to clarify the relevance of the denunciation and to assess the follow-up. We require that at least three employees of the company have been designated as contact persons. In case the denunciation is targeted at one of the contact persons, there remains two neutral persons in a company.

How will the process go and who will be processing the denunciation?

The denunciation will be treated confidentially by Greenstep's Fraud Desk team, where the notifier's personal and any other identifying information will be removed from the denunciation. We will then evaluate any necessary follow-up studies and, if necessary, ask the notifier for further information. Depending on the subject of the denunciation, the issues raised in the denunciation may be clarified in cooperation with the representatives of the company. The relevance of the denunciation will not be clarified with the persons to whom the denunciation is addressed.
If, on the basis of our investigation, we find that there has been an abuse in the company, we will make a recommendation to the company to correct the matter and / or monitor it. Greenstep, as an external operator, cannot take responsibility for complying with the agreed measures. The measures to be agreed are compiled in an annual report which is available to the auditor.

Does the report go to authorities like the police?

If the report raises any suspicion of a criminal offense or other official matter, the information will be forwarded to the necessary authority. If the authority also needs the information of the notifier, we must provide it.


Our services are compliant with GDPR regulations and no personal information is permanently collected anywhere. Personal data will only be used for matters related to the processing of the notification.