Greenstep utilizies Procountor software to solve Customer Needs

Procountor is a modern and flexible solution to support financial management. It is tied neither to place, time, equipment nor installations.

Greenstep is a Platinium partner to Procountor, a level that only a handful of accounting providers has reached in Finland. The Platinium level enables constant upgradation of expertise as well as fast support with any problem faced woth the tool. Procountor is currently used by more than 100 of our customers.

The accounting management of a company shouldn't be a reason for a limited growth. Greenstep as your partner and Procountor as your accounting software take care of the possibility to grow and scale.

Boost the Procountor reportage with BI Book

Greenstep's own analytics tool BI Book enables you to focus on analyzing and utilizing data in stead of collecting it. The tool, built on Microsoft Power BI, uses direct interface with Procountor hence the data is always accurate and up-to-date. You can also connect other sources of data to the system which makes reports even more encompassing. Dynamic and ductile reports enable you to base all your decisions on qualified data in stead of guessing. Read more about the BI Book integration to Procountor.

Easiness and reliability to travel and other expenses with Bezala

Procountor has a built-in system for ,managing travel and other expenses - a system that works effortlessly with basic operations. However, Greenstep's own Bezala automated expense software together with a Procountor integration brings ease to the process. Read more about utilizing Bezala in Procountor.

Our Procountor administrator Jukka-Pekka Antell tells his vision of how to support business with Procountor software.

We will grow woth you

Scalability enables constant growth

Constantly up-to-date

Real time information enables better decision-making

An experienced partner

Greenstep has over 100 Procountor customers

Dynamic and easy reportage

Boost reporting with BI Book

Safe to use

The safety of your financial management is secured

All financial management in on place

Accounting, invoicing, reporting etc.

Proactive Procountor experts

The experts of financial management will optimize and develop your business

We constantly educate ourselves

Greenstep Academy is eastablished to take care of the continuing education of our experts