A versatile and user-friendly platform for financial administration

At Greenstep, our accounting consultants use Fortnox to manage the customers' finances. Fortnox is a cloud-based platform that can be used flexibly between the customer and the accounting consultant. The highly automated program simplifies and streamlines the work of our experts and makes it easy for the customer to follow the company's finances in real time. A reliable system and professional financial consultants also save time, which means that you as a customer have more time to implement value-creating processes in your business.

Here are some of the features that Fortnox has:


Most functions in Fortnox's accounting software are automated, which makes accounting both time- and cost-effective. The program includes tools for both automatic accounting and periodization as well as an automatic invoice interpretation, which reads information from invoices and transfers them to the accounting. Another advantage of Fortnox is that it is directly connected to the system we use for annual accounts, which means that relevant data from the bookkeeping can be easily transferred to the accounts program and back to Fortnox.

Electronic invoice processing

With the help of Fortnox, it is easy for your company to switch to electronic invoice management, because all invoices can be received and sent completely electronically. Paper invoices thus become a thing of the past, which eliminates unnecessary work steps and makes the processes both more efficient and safer. As a customer, you can easily certify the supplier invoices in an app on the mobile phone or in the system, and our accounting consultants then take care that the invoices are paid and properly recorded.

Bank connections

Fortnox can be integrated with most Swedish banks, which means that both payments and card transactions can be easily automated. For example, supplier invoices can be paid directly via the internet bank, and then transferred and booked in Fortnox. Correspondingly, it is easy to keep track of and pay customer invoices, which are also posted automatically after payment.

Clear reporting

Fortnox accounting software makes it easier than ever to keep track of the company's finances. In the program, there are several ready-made reports available when you need information about the company's financial situation. It is also possible to go into detail in the various reports and get deeper information about individual events. If necessary, our experts are happy to give advice so that you can find exactly the information you need.


Thanks to Fortnox's open API, the program can be easily integrated with several different pre- and post-systems. This means that Fortnox can be easily connected with, for example, different invoicing, customer register, cash register or e-commerce systems that the customer uses, so that information can be easily sent between the systems. Having all information in a single system saves both time and money and makes financial processes smoother. Our experts will be happy to help you automate and streamline your financial processes through integrations!

Do you have questions about our accounting services or Fortnox? Do not hesitate to contact one of our accounting consultants!