A comprehensive system for payroll administration

At Greenstep, our payroll consultants use the reliable system Hogia and their most comprehensive program for managing the client's payroll processes: HogiaLön Plus. It is a flexible and user-friendly program that makes it easy to adapt the salary administration industry-specifically according to the customers' needs. Hogia helps the salary consultants with, among other things:

- Management of various collective agreements

- Maintenance of vacation records

- Salary specifications

- Digital payslips

- Reporting and statistics

Quality and customization with the help of Hogia

Hogia is a 100% cloud-based solution, which makes it easy to access the system anytime and anywhere. The fact that the salary processes are automated simplifies the work of our salary consultants and means that you, as a customer, can be sure that the salary calculations are correct and comply with prevailing laws and regulations. Hogia also contains ready-made payroll registers for many different industry agreements, making the program suitable for both smaller and larger companies in different types of industries. In Hogia there are also ready-made report documents, which make it easy for our salary consultants to provide both the customer and the accounting consultant with information about, for example, salaries, vacations, absences and bookkeeping.

We are also happy to help simplify the customer's processes with the help of Hogia. For example, different systems for time reporting can be integrated with Hogia and then we help set up any preliminary system for the customer and test run the integration, to ensure error-free processes.

Why outsource payroll processing to Greenstep?

  1. You save time for developing the core business - the customer can focus on the essentials and no longer has to think about functions related to payroll processing.
  2. You get a quality-assured service. The customer's payroll administration is handled by a team of professional payroll experts. Holiday and sickness absence substitutes are part of the service and as a customer you are not dependent on just one person.
  3. Greenstep's consultants are knowledgeable and professional - maintaining and developing one's own professional competence is one of Greenstep's core values.
  4. The payroll consultants have a broader qualified competence through Greenstep's comprehensive range of services in finance, accounting and tax.
  5. Greenstep assures that it is aware of and takes into account all legal and collective agreement changes.
  6. Greenstep guides the customer in development based on the customer's needs. For example in the development of processes (RPA) and reporting (management's view and tools).