Greenstep strengthens its technology services with Salesforce

Petteri heinonen

Petteri Heinonen

Salesforce Business Operations Lead

To help our customers perfect their business processes end-to-end and achieve their strategic goals, Greenstep strengthens its Salesforce consultancy and implementation practice.

Petteri Heinonen joined Greenstep in May to head our Salesforce practice. In that role he will, together with the rest of the team, help our customers with any of their Salesforce needs. With 15+ years of experience in architecting, designing, and integrating business systems, he also has a long history with Salesforce platform. He is intimately familiar with sales and quote-to-cash processes and related challenges, especially in SaaS business environment.

Salesforce in Greenstep's Technology Stack Offering

Being the global market leader in CRM systems and having a significant ecosystem, Salesforce often plays a key role in organizations’ tech stacks. With its easy customization, thousands of 3rd-party apps for all imaginable purposes, and native integrations to almost any other major business system or technology, Salesforce is a safe and robust choice especially for the front-office needs of any organization.

Often, Salesforce is first adopted as the sales and go-to-market tool, fulfilling the sales process and CRM needs in an organization. However, as customer and prospect data it holds is of importance to many other functions in the organization, the usage is often spread to, e.g., marketing, order management, customer support and so on. Depending on the business the company is in, this list will, of course, differ a lot. At its core, however, is always the 360-degree view to customers, prospects, related contacts, and everything taking place with and around them.

Despite being the great platform it is, Salesforce usually isn’t the only key business system in an organization. For instance, when it comes to back-office processes and data such as finances and accounting, many have concluded Oracle’s NetSuite to be the perfect solution for them. In other words, businesses seeking competitive advantage and ways to optimize their processes want to be able to use several best-of-breed solutions, to fully support different needs and purposes in the organization.

That is, there is little appetite for making big compromises in terms of usability or process optimization in the name of being able to stick with only one core system or platform.

And this is where Greenstep’s technology services team really excels at: having thorough understanding and decades’ worth of experience of these cross-functional, systems-spanning business processes, and excellent capabilities to implement them with leading technologies such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and all the related integration technologies.

Tools and Expertise to Support Business Growth

Greenstep is renowned for its longstanding expertise in helping our customers with their critical business processes in the areas of, e.g., corporate finances, sales, accounting, people & culture, and sustainability. However, business systems tend to be where the rubber meets the road, as that’s where processes are ultimately modeled and put into practice.

Petteri Heinonen: “Our team’s passion is in combining pragmatic planning methodology, top-tier architecture design, and efficient implementation phase into a seamless, wall-to-wall technology initiative. We work end-to-end, starting with business requirements mapping, proceeding to planning the architecture and design, and finally realizing these plans. Witnessing the impact on businesses’ goals after successful initiative is what we strive for.”

Being part of Greenstep’s technology and business services, our Salesforce practice can help you with any Salesforce platform need. Whether it is about Sales Cloud CRM, revenue lifecycle management, SaaS processes, or CPQ, we have you covered. We implement efficient, user-friendly, and well-policed customer acquisition and management engine for your organization, from qualified lead to validated sales order.

And beyond; the closed won deal in Salesforce is still just a starting point for all the follow-up processes in finance, accounting, fulfillment, and AR. What is often seen as a difficult interface between different business functions and systems, is our bread-and-butter.