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We support the growth of our customers with current training offerings

Competence is competitiveness. The winning company of tomorrow is the one who recognizes their learning needs today.

The core behind Greenstep Academy's training services is that we create tailored coaching to support your growth and success. We map the competence of your company, help you identify your current and future skill gaps, and create a training program that will help you succeed.

We specialize in areas within Finance Management, HR, and Accounting systems. For example, the training covers current phenomena and future business development trends. Furthermore, our training covers all levels of the organization, such as:

  • Training and Coaching by experts
  • Strategic Management Training
  • Implementation and execution of attractive and relevant training programs

What kind of problems does Greenstep Academy solve?

Why choose Greenstep Academy to support your company's competence development?

When facing a merger or other organizational changes, it is important to consider staff. At this time companies often benefit from partnering with experts and that is where we can help!

Greenstep has strong expertise in many industries and first-hand experience in dealing with organizational changes. In the production of the training, we rely on our experienced experts that work within the relevant fields for quality assurance. This is the foundation that makes our training interesting and worthwhile. However, we also want our services to be enjoyable, so during the actual training, we motivate and support the participants through coaching and practical involvement. We want the participants to leave our sessions with case examples and knowledge regarding best practices so that they can feel confident when dealing with issues related to the topic at hand.

With the help of our training services, a company's management can rest assured that they and their organization can handle situations of change with ease.

Greenstep Academy - An advanced coaching partner