Budgeting, Financial Planning and Business Modeling

Are you sure you know in which direction your business is going? With financial planning processes tailored to your company’s needs, business decisions are based on the best possible view of future development rather than looking at the past.

Planning processes are needed in the operational management of business as well as in strategic planning and analysis of new business operations. Greenstep's experts customize the financial planning processes that support your company's business. This is exactly what business modeling is all about. Analyzing the drivers, revenue generators, working capital and other financing needs of a profitable business, as well as identifying risks, form the basis for business-supportive financial planning processes and the selection of the necessary indicators. The saying “you get what you measure” is true - it is crucial to measure the right things.

After financial modeling, it is time to implement planning processes in practice. Often, traditional budgeting processes involve quite a lot of workload relative to the benefits derived and the information from the process becomes outdated very quickly. Therefore, the budget should be seen, above all, as more than just an Excel exercise. With well-functioning planning processes, your forecasts are constantly updated and you are aware of developments and trends in different KPIs. Budgeting is just a snapshot. It is more important than numbers to define sufficiently concrete measures and the indicators needed to achieve these. This is possible with a better understanding of the economic implications of different measures - thanks to well-functioning financial planning processes.


  • You know where you're heading. The economy rarely surprises - you sleep better at night
  • Financial planning is not some “necessary evil” for an organization but a genuinely value-adding business support.