Corporate Tax

By using Greenstep’s corporate tax services, you can ensure the best tax solutions for your company and its owners.

Taxation has a major impact on a company’s business and decision-making. Often decisions are made from a tax perspective, although it should be the other way around. The primary focus should always be on finding the best tax solutions for supporting your business. Taxation should not be overlooked, but it should not be allowed to guide business. With careful planning, we can ensure that taxation goes smoothly and does not cause problems for the company or its owners.

Corporate taxation is complex and requires specific expertise. Greenstep’s experts understand the needs of the company and its owners, as well as understanding the effects of different tax laws on company legislation and how those can be matched together.

Corporate taxation issues often arise in various situations of change, such as ownership or financial arrangements. However, it is a good idea to plan tax issues before the arrangements take place. This will ensure that taxation does not become a driving or limiting factor for your business.

Greenstep’s corporate tax service includes:

  • Assisting in acquisitions and mergers
  • Domestic and international tax planning for corporate and group structures
  • Taxation planning for business and its owner
  • Planning and implementation for company transfers from one generation to the next generation
  • Preparation of corporate tax returns
  • Seeking preliminary rulings on interpretational questions
  • Preparation of waivers
  • Tax audit assistance
  • Handling of appeals
  • Reports and instructions related to income taxation, VAT, prepayment and transfer taxation