At Greenstep, your fund's regulatory reporting is handled by an expert appointed for you

Private equity funds (both licensed and registered) and investment service companies must report regularly to various authorities (eg the Financial Supervisory Authority, Bank of Finland). Reports must be completed on time and correctly. In addition, there are detailed guidelines for reporting that are always changing. Based on the content of the report, the Financial Supervisory Authority and other authorities can make analyzes of the companies' profitability, solvency, risks, financial situation and business size. The files are collected e.g. Directory of Financial Supervision.

Greenstep is a member of the Finnish Venture Capitalists Association and our team keeps its expertise on regulatory changes up to date by following the press releases and trainings of the Venture Capitalists Association, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Bank of Finland. We inform our clients about changes in the fund field and, of course, we proactively take the changes into account in our operations.

Want more information about our FiVA-reporting service? Contact us:

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