Greenstep’s experts help you to automate your company's purchase ledger and stay up-to-date on your company's financial status

Accounts receivable and electronic purchase invoices for companies located in Finland

Purchase invoices can be easily received and paid using an online accounting program, e.g. Netvisor. We recommend e-invoicing for all companies instead of outdated paper invoices. These e-purchase invoices are received in Finvoice format, which enables automatic accounting and recycling of purchase invoices, as well as immediate sending and receiving. The system can also be easily expanded if development needs arise in the company's financial management at a later stage.

How are purchase invoices received in the purchase ledger in the form of an e-invoice?

For example, when you open a purchase ledger in the Netvisor system, the Maventa carrier connection opens automatically. After this, the company will have the opportunity to receive e-invoices within a few days. In addition, the company's own bank can act as an intermediary for e-invoices, in which case the e-invoice address is the company's bank account number. When the purchase invoice arrives in the purchase ledger, you will receive an e-mail notification from the system about the purchase invoices received in the system.

Greenstep’s experts at your service

Greenstep helps your company set up an online accounting program that includes a purchase invoice payment system. Invoices are automatically transferred to accounting when you pay here. The entire deployment takes place in a couple of days, after which you can enjoy an enhanced process such as real-time reporting and automation features.