Purchase ledger

Purchase invoices for companies in Finland

Purchase invoices can easily be received and paid using online accounting software such as Netvisor. We recommend all businesses to make use of e-invoices instead of the outdated paper-invoices. These e-invoices will be received in the Finvoice-format, allowing for automated accounting and immediate transfer of the invoices from the sender to the recipient.

How can you receive purchase invoices in the e-invoice format?

First you need to get a bank account to which your e-invoices will be sent. This bank account will have an IBAN number, which is the most commonly used e-invoicing address. Just send that IBAN number to the company from whom you expect to receive a bill. The bill will then be shown in your accounting software’s payables section.

We at Greenstep can help you get your bank account set up, and choose an online accounting software from where you can pay the invoices. The whole process usually takes a few days, after which you can enjoy the benefits.

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