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  • A reporting channel for abuse
  • The denunciation can be made by name or anonymously

According to the EU directive, all companies employing more than 50 people must have a channel for reporting abuse by December 2021.

We offer a high-end service for reporting and handling abuse. Greenstep’s Whistleblowing team is comprised of a diverse range of legal, financial, and HR professionals, enabling us to effectively process future announcements, review their appropriateness, and make any recommendations for action. As an external actor, we are neutral in the handling of notifications and can fully safeguard, for example, the anonymity of the notifier.

During the deployment process, an operating model is agreed upon for handling abuse reports. The deployment also includes a communication protocol to effectively communicate deployment and notifications to staff and other desired stakeholders. At the end of the year, we conduct a comprehensive report on the denunciations made and the measures taken, for example for auditing.

Whistleblowing service is easy and quick to implement.