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Payroll services you can rely on

Ensure smooth payroll management for your business with our quality payroll services. We make sure your employees get paid correctly and on time. Join the group of our satisfied customers!


Comprehensive and strong expertise in modern payroll

At Greenstep we have a desire to help our customers and always provide high quality financial services, of which payroll services is one of the most popular. We are trusted as a payroll partner by more than 800 clients. Our payroll accuracy averages 99.6%.

A smooth payroll is one of the pillars of an organisation. Persistent errors in payroll directly affect employee satisfaction. That's why it pays to choose a payroll service that is high-quality, accurate and use automation.

We provide payroll services from small to large companies. We serve our clients locally in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia, and in other 100+ countries through the international MSI network.

As a client of payroll services, you save time and can be confident that your payroll matters will always be handled with quality and on time!

What do we offer as a payroll partner?

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Accuracy and quality

Regular monitoring and reporting on the accuracy of payroll is one of the most important tasks of the payroll service. Our quality is guaranteed not only by the excellence of our experts, but also by efficient systems, automation and the use of AI, for example in reconciliations.

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A dedicated payroll team and smooth communication

You'll have your own dedicated team, plus an Customer Responsible who will oversee the overall customer relationship and service development. A large team and back-up arrangements ensure a smooth service even during unexpected absences and holidays. All communication is handled conveniently and securely via the Greenstep Hub customer portal.

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A service tailored to your needs

Our service is tailored to your needs and scales as you grow. Our wide range of services are always available to help you with additional needs – for example, you can get a Payroll & HR advisor to take care of material collection and delivery, and we can also provide seamless Power BI reporting for HR needs and a convenient tool for expense claim processing.

Payroll services for international companies

Manage the group's payroll agile around the world

Our payroll experts in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Estonia serves our customers locally. However, Greenstep is part of the MSI Global network, through which we carry out payroll with quality partners around the world. Our partners are familiar with local laws and practices, so we meet local legal requirements and streamline operations throughout the group.

We take care of your transactions with our partners and report on the success of the entire chain in one go. This way, you don’t have to go separately to look for partners in local companies and gather information on the success of payroll from many different sources. In the event of a problem, you will work with a familiar Greenstep team who will take care of resolving the problem locally for you.

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