Acquisition service for the seller

Have you planned to sell your business, but want to make sure you get the best price for your deal? Or have you already received a trade offer but don’t know how to proceed? Greenstep's experts will help you with the experience of more than a hundred acquisitions!

During the acquisition process, the aim is to find the best possible terms for the seller and the buyer, from the price to other settlement issues. You should seek support for the process so that all the materials are in order and the best possible successor for your business can be found. The acquisition process can be roughly divided into three parts; preparation, negotiation and integration phases. These steps need to be considered and invested in in order to be successful in the acquisition process. We help and support at all stages of the acquisition process.

The use of an external expert in the acquisition process should not be discouraged, as experience allows us to ensure the best terms of trade, which often also has an increasing effect on the price. However, price is not always the most important element for a successful acquisition. We help you ensure that your business as well as your employees get the best possible home from their new owners.

Good preparation is the key to success

The preparation phase is of paramount importance to the seller for the success of the acquisition. At this point, the seller should arrange the company for sale and prepare for the Due Diligence inspection. The Due Diligence process creates a comprehensive cross-section of the company's business and related risks. Often, the best added value from an external expert materializes in the findings and proposals for action created in the Due Diligence process.

Business opportunities and risks can be used to determine the correct market price for the object to be purchased. The experience of our experts in valuing the company from several different companies and industries ensures that you will get the best possible purchase price from the acquisition! We also help you find potential trading partners if necessary. The search can be done openly or anonymously according to your wishes.

During the negotiation, the final price of the acquisition and the responsibilities of the parties are determined

With their experience in numerous acquisitions, Greenstep's experts are able to help structure the transaction. Whether you are selling as a business or as a stock, it is important to accurately determine the responsibilities, payment methods, and potential earn out structures to be transferred in the transaction. Identifying and reviewing different options is part of a successful acquisition process.

With the help of data warehousing services, we help the success of the acquisition process. The purpose of the data warehouse is to create a safe place for both parties to process the information and documents required by the transaction in a data protection-friendly manner. In this case, all the information needed in the acquisition is collected in one safe place, thus speeding up the process when information and documents do not have to be hunted from several different places.

Old co-workers find a new home through a successful integration

Acquisitions often move people to the service of the acquiring company, so taking care of their future is one of the critical issues in an acquisition. Greenstep’s experts will help you ensure that a good integration plan is created during the acquisition process and that your company and its old employees get a good new home.

Benefits of an expert outside Greenstep for the seller in the acquisition process:

  • We can help with the whole process or strengthen a specific area.
  • Knowing the process helps you plan it well, which saves both time and money.
  • Good preparation for the Due Diligence process will make you a more attractive place to shop.
  • The design of the trade structure allows for the best possible purchase price.