Go from having a hunch, to knowing a bunch. Our world-class team combined with cutting edge software will give you the clarity you need.

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Greensteps values

Desire to help our customers

Will to develop ourselves and our knowledge

Passion towards achieving together

Honesty and appreciation towards each other

Assi Tietokoneella

Accounting & Tax

Greenstep's financial management services are known for their quality, proactivity and customer service commitment.

Workshop Rilla

HR & Payroll

Employees are a company's most important asset, because without them it is hard to run a company. We offer high-quality and versatile HR & Payroll Services tailored to your needs.



Greenstep provides high quality and versatile CFO-services. Greenstep is profiled as a professional and reliable partner supporting customers in all kinds of unpredictable changes and situations in the business environment.

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Transaction, Finance & Business Development

We help companies at every stage of their life cycle, from startup financing to acquisitions.

Espoon Toimisto

Business Management

We help companies to manage their business in the right direction. Our services range from process development and analytic services to large NetSuite projects.