Analytics Services

Greenstep's Analytics Services supports companies on their journey towards a clearer future. Our Analytics team is unique since it consists of 15 financial professionals with high coding skills. Problems related to financial reporting are solved by people that understand the meaning and purpose of analytics. When this knowledge is combined with modern tools and work methods, we are able to easily handle all of the company's needs in the field of reporting and analytics.

The core of the service is to produce, organize and present business-relevant information in a format that is as clear as possible and also easy to share. We recognize, that reliable decisions can not be made without up-to-date and accurate information. Everything we do when it comes to analytics solutions is based on clarity, scalability, and ease of use. We trust in the Microsoft Power BI product, which is the market leader in their industry. When our team is taking care of your analytics, up-to-date and sustainably constructed information is always available.

Our latest product published is BI Book, which clarifies your financial reporting in minutes. Feel free to learn more about the product!