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Innovative analytics solutions to support your business

We help you to deploy top-level analytics in days instead of months and enrich it with the expertise of over 500 finance, HR, and sustainability professionals.

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Wide competence portfolio to support your business development

At Greenstep, we believe that deploying analytics does not have to be a huge investment and project that takes many months to complete. Our team of 40 analytics experts has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide access high-quality analytics in weeks or even days.

We support our customers with performance management, business intelligence, automation, and the necessary technical solutions such as integrations, data warehousing, and BI tools.

Our special expertise also covers financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting development. We master all the most important areas, from integration software to business intelligence and ERP systems.

Our approach to analytics differs in three ways from the traditional one:

  1. We provide your organization with ready-built products to deploy the most popular BI tools on the market quickly and cost-efficiently. Our solutions enable the implementation of high-quality analytics in a few days or even hours for numerous systems instead of months.
  2. Our analytics team has expertise in all the most popular system solutions. Let's build a system architecture that best suits your needs!
  3. Greenstep's multidisciplinary team of 500 experts helps to enrich the data with their knowledge in financial management, HR, and sustainability and find the right solutions to your individual needs.

BI Book – a shortcut to BI reporting

BI Book enables deploying BI reporting for more than 50 systems without coding skills and the need to build your own data warehouse and integrations. With the tool, you can create and share all your reports without previous experience with BI tools. BI Book enables customizing the reporting to your organization's individual needs. Best of all, you do not have to worry about maintaining the reporting because we do it on your behalf. Read more about BI Book.