Treasury services

Competent financial risk management reduces the impact of the financial and foreign exchange market fluctuations on your business.

When carrying out business abroad, the company is often exposed to foreign exchange risks. Exchange rate fluctuations may affect the results of operations, cash flows or asset values negatively. Correct monitoring and reporting of foreign exchange risks bring better predictability to the business. Also interest rate, credit, liquidity and commodity risks are important aspects of risk management as a whole, depending on the nature of the business. Our services include, for example:

  • Creating and updating a treasury strategy
  • Consulting in foreign exchange and other financial risk management, including the use of derivative instruments
  • Strengthening the treasury organization
  • The implementation of a treasury system


  • Reduce the risks of financial markets to the business operations.
  • Ensure that the derivative positions won't draw surprises the company.

By optimizing the company's net working capital, capital can be freed up to improve liquidity and enhance cash flow management.

The objective is to improve the return on existing cash reserves and conduct an appropriate money market operation. It is important to optimize the processes of purchase, sale and inventory management , so that the net working capital is optimal.


  • Receive additional risk-free return from your cash reserves without compromising on the company's operative functions.
  • Optimized net working capital frees up cash for operational activities, reducing the need for short-term funding.

Professional management of investment assets

We can create a suitable investment policy for your organization, as well as carry out competitive tendering and choose the most suitable asset managers.


  • Subjective advising from your asset managers.

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