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Group accounting expertise for day-to-day business and situations of change

We offer you expert support in group accounting in accordance with both FAS and IFRS standards.

Want efficiency for group accounting? Book a meeting with us

Our team of experts ensures high quality consolidated financial statements and group accounting

Are you required to prepare a consolidated financial statement? Do you need support from external accounting professionals for consulting or reporting? You can outsource your group accounting to us.

Our team of experts in group accounting and IFRS issues, the CFO service team for external accounting, will solve even the most complex reporting challenges and drive your financial management forward. We can help you with all aspects and stages of preparing your consolidated financial statement. Whether your company is unlisted or listed, external accounting and reporting is handled reliably and on time. We can meet your specific needs for group accounting, consolidation and IFRS advice.

If you need specific expertise, for example during a period of substitution, using an interim external accounting expert may be the best solution. The support of our consultants with expertise in group accounting and IFRS standards is an effective solution to fill resource gaps.

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Group reporting

Group accounting services focus on the preparation and consolidation of the group's financial reports and consolidated financial statements. This may include, for example, the preparation and aggregation of consolidated financial statements, the preparation of the consolidated balance sheet and income statement, the preparation of the consolidated results and cash flow derivation, and the analysis of consolidated cash flows and results.

Group accounting services help companies to understand the financial situation of the group as a whole and to make informed business decisions. The aim is to provide reliable and comparable information to investors, authorities and other stakeholders.

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IFRS Consulting

IFRS is a demanding set of standards and it is worth getting support from experts who work continuously with it.

Our IFRS advisory services can help you when you need expert support in complying with IFRS and producing reliable reporting.

We offer services such as financial reporting and financial statement preparation under IFRS, IFRS conversions and IFRS advice and consulting.

Our IFRS services are proactive. Our starting point is to know your company and your reporting system inside out. In this way, we can best assist you in applying IFRS to your company's financial reporting. IFRS is a changing standard and it is our experts' job to keep up with developments.