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Together towards a sustainable future

We are an expert partner in finance and sustainability, and we help our clients comprehensively. We offer extensive sustainability consulting and support companies to start and develop their sustainability work.

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Versatile help with sustainability issues for your company on a fast schedule

Sustainability is part of Greenstep’s DNA. In the future, sustainability will be a required part of the company’s overall strategy. We are at help at this turning point. The future legislative requirements shouldn't be seen as obstacles but as an opportunity – companies acting fast gain the most significant competitive advantage that sustainable business can provide!

Changing business activities to a more sustainable direction is not a matter of opinion, which is also underlined by the EU’s goal to be climate-neutral by 2050. To achieve this objective, legislation affecting a larger group of companies has already been published from the EU level. These EU-level publications are, for example, taxonomy, i.e., sustainable finance classification system, CSRD, and SFDR. Sustainability metrics will become part of the standard management and reporting of companies. The current regulations are already prompting certain companies, particularly large listed ones, to take immediate action.

We will help customers meet the sustainability requirements and develop their activities to do profitable business in the future. If the customer is still at the starting point of their path to sustainability, we will help them kick off the sustainability work. The first and most important step is determining those aspects of sustainability that are material to the company. A roadmap to develop and report the sustainability topics are built on the basis of the materiality analysis. In addition we ensure that the reporting is done so that to the stakeholders issues are being addressed.

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Taking sustainability into account is the lifeline of a profitable business in the future.

Sustainability is included in all business activities

A sustainable perspective is part of every modern business model. The EU and companies’ stakeholders increasingly require sustainability reporting and adaptation to all business activities. Therefore, a comprehensively sustainable business must consider more than just compliant ESG reporting.

The term ESG is an abbreviation of the words Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it is commonly used in the context of sustainability and sustainable development. It brings together the key actions, requirements, and objectives of sustainability work.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

    The core area of environmental sustainability and liability is the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. In business activities, this is reflected in, for example, the environmental impact (negative and positive) of the company’s entire life cycle, which can be determined by the calculation of the carbon footprint and handprint. Business models of circular economy and the assessment and reporting of the EU taxonomy eligibility of the enterprise are also included in environmental responsibility.

  2. Social Sustainability

    Social sustainability relates to the social impact of business, guaranteeing human rights, and the development of non-discrimination and equality. In the work environment, it is included in the management models, managerial work, and the maintenance of employee well-being. Help and support for creating a socially responsible work environment can be provided, for example, from an Interim sustainability specialist who can help for a day, a week, or any necessary time. They will also be supported by our HR consultancy team if necessary.

  3. Sustainability Governance

    Good Governance and Whistleblowing are the key terms of Sustainability Governance. Good Governance relates to all aspects of the business, and it ensures the continued Due Diligence readiness of the company. Whistleblowing, a channel, and process to report abuse, is directed by an EU Directive and is currently compulsory for all companies employing more than 250 employees. The Code of Conduct, or ethical policy, is also a key part of accountability work related to Sustainability Governance.

Whether your company is big or small, a start-up or a listed company, sustainability work ensures that the business activities can continue. We can help initiate sustainability work, support existing sustainability work, and identify necessary and required development points in business by consulting our sustainability experts. The sustainability services are always tailored on a customer-by-customer basis to fit your company’s needs.

What do you get if you choose us as your sustainability partner?

A customer-oriented service model always flexible to your needs

You respond to growing sustainability demands from investors and financiers

You will be involved in the change towards a better future

Trained and knowledgeable sustainability experts with professional skills from different fields

You increase your competitive advantage by being ahead of the change

Competence of Greenstep's wide-ranging network of experts

A genuinely sustainable partner who shares the same values with you

Sustainability becomes part of everyday business

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