Change of company structure

As your company grows and the business environment evolves, changing your business form may become relevant. How is it done exactly?

Is your business structure proprietorship, limited partnership or partnership and you would like to convert into a limited company? Do you operate as a cooperative association and would like to do business as a limited company in the future?

Our experienced company law and tax experts will advise you on how to change your business structure. You don't need to worry as our experts will take care of the practicalities of the change.

From a proprietorship, limited partnership or partnership to a limited liability company – or vice versa

When you want a smooth change of business form, you can turn to a company law expert.

At Greenstep, the process of changing company's legal structure starts with a discussion with the entrepreneur about which company form would best serve your needs and objectives in the future. Once this discussion has reached a successful conclusion, we will then clarify the tax implications of the change and, if necessary, secure a preliminary ruling. We then move on to the drafting of the company law documents and finally we take care of the registration with the Trade Register.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with changing your business structure!