IPEV & EVCA reporting

Greenstep professionally handles investor and portfolio reporting of private equity funds in accordance with the principles of Invest Europe

Invest Europe, the umbrella organization for European private equity funds, recommends that its member funds report according to standardized principles, of which the currently recommended reporting guideline is the Invest Europe Professional Standards Handbook. In addition, there are separate valuation guidelines for the fund's portfolio company valuations, the IPEV Valuation Guidelines.

The purpose of fund reporting is to harmonize the reporting of funds and to define the information to be reported to the fund's stakeholders so that an investor investing in different funds can compare the performance of the funds with the same criteria and information. Target companies are rarely public, and the investor must be able to rely on the information in the report. A standardized reporting model ensures that the information is properly reported and sufficient. In addition, it is important that the reported information can be derived from the fund's accounts. Investors require the Fund to report in accordance with standardized principles before investing in the Fund. This is how companies, pension companies and other institutional investors who invest in funds with public funds operate.

The investor report is a natural extension of accounting. At Greenstep, there are ready-made procedures for collecting, processing, and reporting data.

Reporting tool for agile investor reporting

We offer our customers investor reporting based on Greenstep's own software product. BiBook reporting is used to gather the necessary data from portfolio companies and edit it to the format required by the recommendations, listening to the customer's specific wishes. Our knowledgeable team assists the fund in designing the look and content of reporting. With our solution, investor information is easily distributed to users who need it, and the figures are brought into a visual and comprehensible form. The views are interactive and the user is able to filter and change analysis methods with agility. If necessary, we also offer reporting in pdf format.

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