IPEV & EVCA reporting

What is IPEV reporting?

The European investment funds association "European Venture Capital Association" recommends that every member fund should report according to the "IPEV Investor Reporting Guidelines". The purpose of the this is to standardise the reporting of funds, as well as determine what information should be reported to different stakeholders, so that investors can compare different funds with the same criteria and information. The target companies are rarely public and the investors must be able to rely on the data of the report. A standardised reporting format will ensure that information is properly reported and that it is enough. Many investors require the funds should be reported by the IPEV guidelines before they can invest in them.

IPEV reporting requires a fair amount of work, because you have to be careful that the accounting is consistent. In addition, there need to be information available what has been invested and when it has happened, as well as keep track of the development of the interest rates. A small equity fund might not have the resources to do this. The reporting is done on a quarterly basis, so this is worth to outsource.

Greenstep can, apart from taking care of the accounting of an investment fund, also take care of the IPEV reporting to different stakeholders. The report is a natural continuation for the accounting. We already have ready-made policies for the data collection and reporting.

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