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Transaction services

We tailor the right service package for your business, both for your sales and purchasing process. Our transaction specialists have advised on numerous transactions and can create a competitive package to suit your company's needs, advising on the sale or acquisition process, valuation, due diligence and integration.

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Expertise for a business transaction situation

During the transaction process, the aim is to find the best possible terms for both the seller and the buyer, from price to other arrangements. Mergers and acquisitions involve changes that affect the company's organisation, employees, suppliers and customers. We act as a restructuring advisor, supporting the client throughout the process and, if necessary, afterwards in the integration of any new business or the restructuring of the remaining business.

Our team consists of transaction professionals with experience in more than 100 transactions. Our clients include organisations of all sizes and from a wide range of industries.

Our business restructuring services are provided by experienced financial professionals, from which we select the experts best suited to your business. We also draw on the extensive expertise of Greenstep's CFO, HR, Legal, Tax and Analytics teams for all your business transactions and related integrations.

Greenstep helps in acquisitions with:

  • Due diligence on the target company's economic situation, business plan or industry/market, done for the buyer.
  • Due diligence on the business to be sold.
  • The post-acquisition integration or separation from the finance department’s point of view.


Reliable partner

The economic status and future outlook of the company is carefully looked through and hence, the information which the decision making in based on is verified.

Clarity in the process

The company’s management gets a good understanding of how the target looks from an impartial expert’s point of view.

Support in the integration process

The company can in beforehand verify the plan of how the target will be integrated in the current operations from a financial perspective.

Highly skilled professionals

The transaction services consultants at Greensteps are experienced professionals, with experience from over 100 acquisitions.