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Mepco – software for your HR & Payroll needs

Mepco is a system that enables smooth payroll management and operational HR administration. At Greenstep, we offer high-quality payroll services, often using the reliable Mepco system.


High quality payroll with Mepco

Mepco HRM is the one-stop-shop for SMEs and large companies in Finland when it comes to HR & Payroll. At Greenstep, we use the efficient Mepco system with many of our payroll service clients.

The system functions as an effective payroll tool as well as a versatile HR management system. Mepco can always be tailored to the customer's needs and practices, making it suitable for a wide range of clients.

In addition to Mepco Payroll, Mepco HR can be implemented to facilitate the management of the employment life cycle, and Mepco Kirjaamo for time tracking. Additionally, various system integrations and real-time data transfers can be easily made with Mepco. This allows external systems used by the customer to be flexibly integrated into Mepco.

We implement the Mepco system with quality

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Stable and error-free foundation for payroll management

When implementing Mepco, the customer is assigned their own project team consisting of both system experts and payroll specialists. The team ensures the quality of your company's Mepco system implementation, providing a stable and error-free foundation for payroll management.

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Top-level Mepco system expertise

Our Mepco main user team has over 20 years of experience in developing systems and processes in various customer environments. Our team also has diverse and strong expertise in different industries and collective agreements.

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Dedicated Mepco main user

Our payroll service clients implementing Mepco will receive a dedicated main user from Greenstep. The main user will take care of the development of a customer specific system environment that takes into account the customer's needs.