Mepco HRM

One software for your HR & Payroll needs

Mepco HRM is the one-stop-shop for SMEs and large companies in Finland when it comes to HR & Payroll. From the HR-departments perspective, Mepco can help with the following:

  1. Managing Employee records
  2. Vacation management
  3. Absence management
  4. Setting up triggered reminders
  5. Reporting

And from the Payroll teams perspective, Mepco HRM allows to create rules & triggers that help the company payroll scale whilst obliging to all legal requirements.

  1. Payroll calculation
  2. Payment
  3. Reporting

Last but not least, the normal Employee can use Mepco WEB to view and edit their own infromation.

Where is your Master data?

One of the benefits of Mepco is that it can be integrated to many different softwares, meaning that you can use it as the master for all your employee records.