Sustainability Consulting

With sustainability consulting, you can authentically link your sustainability work to your business.

Sustainability consulting can help you prepare for regulatory changes, develop sustainability metrics and identify new business opportunities. We can also help you choose the right sustainability tools.

Our goal is to strengthen the customer's competitiveness by analyzing:

  • the situation, goals, and next steps of the customer's sustainability work
  • the positive and negative environmental impacts of the customer's product or service
  • the effects of climate change on the market, the development of legislation in the field, and the customer's business
  • positive and negative social impacts such as supply chain responsibility and supply chain risks
Our experienced sustainability consultants can help you get started and continue to support you as your sustainability work progresses.

The consultation may include, for example:

  • assessing the risks and opportunities of climate change
  • development of sustainability indicators
  • the development of social, economic, administrative, and environmental responsibility
  • responsibility data to support product and process development
  • integrating sustainability as a natural part of communication and sales

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