Power BI helps you to transform large data masses to valuable insights which can help you make better business decisions. Data can be retrieved from multiple different data sources and combined to reports tailored just for your needs. These reports can be used to gain information about your company’s current state and predict where your business is heading. Reports update automatically with current data, so you don’t need to waste your time for updating same reports over and over again.

Power BI Service is used through your web browser, so you can access the reports from anywhere, anytime. With Power BI you are always one step ahead, because all the information you need is always only few clicks away.

Why Power BI?

Easy Deployment

Deploying Power BI is very easy and inexpensive. You don’t need to install any external software. Reports can be viewed straight from web browser. Power BI is part of Microsoft product family, so reports can be shared easily using Microsoft credentials. You can choose pricing per user (less than 10€/month/user) or capacity pricing, if you are planning to share your reports for larger audience. Almost any business software can be connected to Power BI. Most types of databases and many cloud services can be connected to Power BI with only few clicks.

Visuality and Versatility

Power BI’s visual tools will take your reports’ clarity and informativity to the next level. Users can edit and create their own personal interactive reports and dashboards. For experienced users, almost anything is possible, and Microsoft’s massive development resources take care of that the number of available visuals and other features is growing constantly.

In Depth Analysis

Reports allow you to drill trough behind the reported numbers. Report views can be easily filtered by dates, persons and products etc., so that same reports can be used to view detailed and consolidated numbers. Source data is always stored in the background. For instance, you can drill through from consolidated sales figures to individual sales transactions to see what is truly behind those sales.

Shared Reports and Mobile Use

Report development and viewing is easy though Power BI’s shared workspaces, where multiple users can manage same projects simultaneously. With Power BI mobile app, you can get quick insights from your KPIs, and you can set real time notifications when certain limits are reached and you need to take action.

How Greenstep can help?

Greenstep offers variety of services regarding Power BI and analytics.

Designing and Creating Reports

We create easy-to-use reports which are clear to read and filled with visuals to help you to see what’s going on in your business. Our reports transform large datasets to actionable information. You don’t need to use your valuable time for creating and designing the reports, instead you can start analyzing your business data right away.

Software Integration and Databases

We have integrated dozens of different software to Power BI, from smaller accounting software to large ERPs. We have various ready-made solutions to different software, and if there isn’t one, we can create it! We also offer database solutions for data warehousing if needed.

Automating Reporting

Many companies use lot of resources routinely generating and updating same reports. We can automate your reporting using Power BI. Then you can use your time for analyzing the reports and making decisions, instead of updating the reports and producing the numbers.

Comprehensive Reporting Development

Instead of engineers, our BI-team consists of business administration professionals with strong IT skills. We have strong understanding of business processes and have worked with companies which operate in various industries. We know how to develop your reporting so that it truly fulfills all your business needs.

Here are some examples!

All reports are made by Greenstep. All rights reserved.

Financial reporting based on accounting data

Dashboard for management (in Finnish)

State finances visualized (in Finnish)

To find out more, have a look at the video below:

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