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Tripletex - A Complete Financial System

With Tripletex, you don't have to choose between user-friendliness and functionality. You get an uncompromising financial system that is built based on your needs.

Everything in one place with Tripletex - Smart accounting program for companies of all sizes

Nothing is more frustrating than having to log in and out of multiple systems to perform different tasks, and having all these systems not "talk" to each other. But with Tripletex, you can have everything in one place! This smart accounting program offers invoicing, accounting, project management, time tracking, payroll, expense reports, year-end closing, and much more. It is perfect for all types of businesses, both small and large, and you can choose how few or many modules you want to access.

When you start using Tripletex, you will quickly discover that everything is connected in a logical and seamless way. You do not need to export or import information. You register the information in one place, and then you have access to it anywhere in the system. This allows you to work more efficiently and spend less time on administration, so you can focus on what really matters - driving your business forward.

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Born in the Cloud, Raised in the Cloud

Investing in a web-based system has become a necessity. Everyone wants to work where and when they want. If you choose a system that has always been cloud-based, it will give you even more benefits. The system is designed to be used on all devices, so you have access no matter where you are.

  • You can access your financial data from anywhere, at any time.
  • Customizable system: You can customize the system to work with your processes, modules, and integrations.
  • Smart automation features that help you streamline your financial processes.
  • Free support: Tripletex provides free support, webinars, and help videos to ensure that you get the most out of the system.
  • Designed to be intuitive for all types of users, even those without extensive financial knowledge.
  • Tripletex has a super intuitive app that allows you to manage payroll, travel and expenses, invoicing, and approvals on the go.
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Get to Know Tripletex

Access Anywhere: With Tripletex, it's easy to get things done no matter where you are. Whether you want to send an invoice on the go, check if something has been paid, or maybe register an expense, you can do it. All you need is coverage and a PC or mobile phone. You can also quickly and easily solve the most common tasks in the Tripletex app!

Get Paid Your Way: Send invoices with eFaktura, EHF, or email. You can also set up automatic monthly, quarterly, or annual invoicing for recurring billing, such as memberships or rent.

Pay Bills Directly from Tripletex: Receive and pay bills directly in the accounting program, so you don't have to log in to online banking. Incoming and outgoing invoices are quickly and easily recorded in Tripletex.

Efficient Collaboration with Access Control: If you want your accountant to assist with all or part of the work, you can easily customize the work distribution in Tripletex. Others can also access the solution depending on what they need to see or do.

Save Time and Avoid Errors with Automated Year-End Program: Tripletex's year-end program is designed to adapt to the new way of working with year-end and makes it easier to report correctly. With a checklist and guidance that guides you through the entire process, and a to-do list that helps you close the accounts correctly, you will avoid errors and save time. Tripletex's year-end program automates the process and only shows what is relevant to your business. The program helps you with calculations and gives you feedback on illogical numbers and differences. All final postings are made completely automatically, so you can be sure that everything is correct. From 2024, business statements and attachment forms, which are sent as attachments with the tax return, will be replaced by a business specification with a new theme-based structure. Tripletex only supports the new solution, so you can be sure that you are up to date and in line with the latest requirements. You can be confident that you have control of your finances and can focus on what really matters - driving your business forward.

Let the Systems Talk to Each Other: An integration allows you to connect a system or tool you already use with Tripletex. For example, you can connect your online store or specialist system so that sales or other data can flow directly into Tripletex. There are integrations with various industry solutions, banking services, and reporting.

Invoicing Program

With Tripletex, you no longer need to use separate invoicing and accounting software. By combining everything into one system, you can have complete control over your finances. You can easily create and send invoices using eFaktura, EHF, Vipps, or email, to both businesses and individuals. Your accounting records will be updated automatically

Accounting System

Tripletex offers seamless integration between its accounting system and other features such as payroll, invoicing, inventory and logistics, project management, and bank and cash integrations. This integration ensures that your accounting records are up-to-date, and makes reporting and bookkeeping more efficient.

Payroll System

Tripletex's payroll system handles all the time-consuming and manual tasks for you, and helps you put your payroll on autopilot. With Tripletex's payroll system, you can easily calculate and process employee salaries, taxes, and deductions. The payroll system is tightly integrated with the rest of the Tripletex system, so that travel expense reports, employee expenses, and hours worked can easily be included in the payroll calculations. This ensures that your accounting records are always up-to-date.

Travel Expenses

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Year-End Closing

Tripletex's year-end closing program automates the process and shows only what is relevant for your business. The program helps you with calculations and provides feedback on illogical numbers and discrepancies. All closing entries are made automatically, so you can be confident that everything is correct.