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The foundation of the accounting services is based on precise schedules and high-quality processes

Our 500+ accounting specialists are fully aware of this. Clarify the routines of accounting with Greenstep's high-quality accounting services.

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Businesses are increasingly outsourcing their accounting and payroll services to focus on internal organizational resources on value-added areas. At the heart of financial services is that schedules are kept and work quality is great. At Greenstep, we pay special attention to these factors so that we can serve a growing number of our customers with quality.

We are a big and comprehensive player, but we are agile. As Tore Teir, the founder of Greenstep, has said, the reason behind our well-known customer satisfaction is the professionalism of our employees. Greenstep's financial management services are known for their quality, proactivity and customer service commitment.

Greenstep's accounting services all famous for high quality, proactivity and for the will to serve customers.
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We offer you expertise to solve any problem with accounting

Tore & Michaela Teir, the Founders of Greenstep

Choose the right systems to integrate and automate

What to automatize?

Our automation team has created automated processes to help our accounting specialist to decrease human errors and to give a possibility to proactively focus on customer needs in developing their business. When you choose Greenstep as your accounting partner, you will get automated processes i.a. for VAT returns, reporting and posting. Automated software checks all documents and receipts and notifies you in case of any errors or futher needs. For example during checking VAT returns, our robot runs daily the status of the VAT returns of all our customers. If the due date is approaching and the work is still unfinished, the robot will notify you until the status of the return is changed.


""We started off just with regular payroll and accounting services. Selling accounting, payroll and HR services is very much a people business, it´s very dependent on the people who you work with. In general we have been very pleased with all the consultants we have worked with at Greenstep"

Jussi Tammi, CFO / Rightware

"Today, Greenstep handles all of our financial management: accounting payroll, and sparring with us about new financial ideas. I warmly recommend Greenstep as a partner for growth companies - know-how and professionalism are at stake! "

Antti Känsälä, CEO / Eazybreak

"All out financial management services are provided by Greenstep. While this collaboration has worked so well so far, I see no reason for us to have Hanna Hallitus / Mobidiag Oyo look left or right in the future."

Petri Lahtinen, CEO / Moi Mobiili