Business valuation

Are you in planning to sell your business or issuing new shares but not sure at what price? Have you found an interesting acquisition, but want to make sure you don’t pay too much? Greenstep's experts have experience in valuing many companies and industries.

Greenstep's operating model has been developed based on growth and international financial management processes. This business model enables financial management to be world-class in quality and scalability, but at the same time is very agile and suitable for companies of all sizes.

The need for valuation stems from the desire to understand the value of the company. Such a situation usually arises when one is buying or selling a company, a part of it or issuing new shares in connection with a financing round.

The value of a company depends on whether it is viewed from the perspective of the buyer or the seller. A party may utilize Greenstep's experts to support its own perspective in determining the fair value of the company or in understanding the key drivers of value creation as well as potential risk factors in valuation.

When making a valuation, Greenstep's expert first examines the company's business and strategy and uses it to form an assessment of the company's future prospects. Valuation is performed using parallel methods: by calculating the present value of future cash flows and by utilizing the typical turnover, operating profit, etc. coefficients of the valuation. In certain cases, the importance of strategic value is also taken into account. The result of the service is a written report made by our expert, which assesses the future development of the company's business and provides a concrete assessment of the value of the share capital.

We use S & P's Capital IQ database, which we use to evaluate Benchmark data. The database is global and real-time, ensuring the most accurate control group analysis possible

Typical applications of the service are:

  • Issuance of new shares
  • Equity trading
  • Redemption situation
  • Determining the present value when creating an incentive scheme