Acquisition service for the buyer

Do you want to grow your existing customer base or expand into new strategically important markets with the acquisition? Greenstep's experts will help you complete a successful acquisition process.

The acquisition process can be roughly divided into three parts; preparation, negotiation and integration phases. In order to be successful in the acquisition process, all steps must be considered and invested in. We assist and support you at all stages of the acquisition process.

Well prepared process is important part of the beef

Once you have identified the need for the acquisition and the goals set, the acquisition process should be carefully planned. A well-designed process saves both time and money. With Greenstep’s extensive team of experts, you can plan the trading process to meet your goals or leverage experts to address weaknesses in any aspect of the process. The Greenstep team has over a hundred acquisitions experience on both sides.

Our experts also help you find potential contacts and make contact. Screening for and contacting potential buyers can be done anonymously or openly, whenever you do not want to announce your intentions in public until the interest is known to be on both sides.

During the negotiation, the purchase price and responsibilities become clear

In the negotiation phase, it is important for the parties to converge and find a common ground. Getting to know the other's activities and knowing the risks improves the chances of success in the trading process. The purpose of due diligence is to provide a comprehensive overview of the business of the acquired company and the risks associated with it. Often, the greatest added value of using an external expert materializes in findings and proposals for action through the due diligence process.

With the business and the opportunities and risks associated with it, the fair value of the object to be acquired can be determined. The experience of our experts in valuing a company from several different companies and industries ensures that you do not pay too much or unnecessarily!

With the experience of many acquisitions, Greenstep's experts are also able to help structure the transaction. Whether it is a business or stock transaction, it is important to precisely define the responsibilities, payment methods and possible earn out structures transferred in the transaction. Identifying and reviewing different options is part of a successful acquisition process.

We can also help make the acquisition process a success with data warehousing services, or “data rooms”. The purpose of the Data Room is to create a safe place for both parties to process information related to the parties as well as documents in a privacy-friendly manner. The aim is to get the information needed in the acquisition to one safe place, which speeds up the process when there is no need to hunt for documents from different places.

Success of the acquisition is determined after the deal

The goal of the acquisition is to succeed after the transaction itself. The intention is to merge the two actors that has acted independently before. Greenstep’s strong experience gives this a good starting point. For example, knowledge of due diligence is very important to avoid unpleasant surprises after an acquisition or integration failure.

In integration, it is important to take into account the ways and cultures of both parties, so that they work together to support future goals. Through Greenstep's extensive expertise, we help you ensure successful integration from the perspective of HR services as well.

Benefits of an expert outside Greenstep for the buyer in the acquisition process:

  • You get help going through the whole process or just reinforcing a specific area.
  • Knowing the process helps you plan it well, which saves both time and money.
  • A good Due Diligence audit finds any issues to consider about the business or risks of the company being acquired.
  • The privacy-friendly Data room allows both parties to access data and documents efficiently and simultaneously.