NetSuite is a globally operating and well-trusted business platform that scales up to the various needs of growing companies and companies with international operations.

At Greenstep, we decided to use NetSuite for our own organisation. Using it ourselves gave us even more confidence in recommending it to our clients. We can help our clients by providing them with the NetSuite platform as well as the support and expertise for business development and financial management. This way our clients will have better support and better understanding of the software and their business. We recommend NetSuite especially for growth companies with international operations.

The benefits of NetSuite can be put into four categories:

  1. NetSuite is 1 fully integrated solution (including CRM, ERP, Accounting, E-commerce and a whole lot more). NetSuite is 1 database, 1 solution.
  2. NetSuite gives you Visibility like never before. You can create very robust dashboards and reports in real time from anywhere at any time, you can get them on your mobile devices and they're all customisable.
  3. NetSuite is 100% cloud based. There is no software to install, no hardware to install, nothing to replace or maintain.
  4. Every business is unique, thats where The NetSuite Platform comes in. From a business standpoint you get great core functionality, but every company has something that is unique about them. Whether it be in their inventory, sales or purchasing department, this is where we can use the platform tools to build NetSuite around what is unique about the clients business. This platform is extremely powerful. With NetSuite, you get strong functionality to start with, but with the platform you can add unlimited custom fields. You can modify screens to be as simple or complex as you want. Where that's not enough, you can roll up your own databases and from those databases you can create your own screens. Through the platform you can also for ex. introduce user workflows or scripting where you can do everything from automating an email to simple scripts such as 'when someone hits submit here create this record'.

The NetSuite Story:

Contact us and together we'll find the best way for your company to benefit from NetSuite!