Go Global - expanding to Denmark

Expand your business to Denmark effortlessly with a global partner

Denmark is a modern Nordic country with a healthy fiscal policy. As a small open economy, Denmark is dependent on foreign trade and it has good trading relationships with its European neighbors. Denmark has been rated as one of the best places in the world to do business, but expanding your business to a new country can require a lot of resources and practical arrangements. No one has everything covered up by themselves - our experts will be happy to help you plan the big steps!

Greenstep is part of the international MSI Global Alliance. MSI Global is a network of more than 260 independent accounting and legal firms from more than 100 countries with over 30 years of successful experience. With the MSI Network, we will ensure that you have the best local financial partner with you, both at home and in Denmark. If you wish, we can also coordinate cooperation between the countries by a "Shared Service Center" in Finland, so the administration is always as easy as possible for you.

When you go global with a partner, you avoid unnecessary trial and error as well as common mistakes, such as too rapid growth without sufficient processes or not being aware of all the necessary laws, regulations, or policies. We already have experience with customers in Denmark, and we are constantly looking to expand our expertise and develop our services. All global solutions are tailor-made - please book an appointment with us to discuss more the possibilities for your company.

Our services in Denmark


Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General ledger, Travel claims/ credit card expenses, and Group Consolidation and Reporting using NetSuite as a business platform

Local partner

Payroll, Statutory reporting, VAT, tax returns, local platform

Doing business in Denmark

  • Individual Income Tax
    The average income tax is dependent on the yearly income of the employee and the rate is progressive. However, the marginal rate cannot exceed 52.06 %.
  • VAT
    The VAT rate in Denmark is 25 %. There is no reduced rate, but a number of services (public transportation, health care, publishing newspapers) are not subject to VAT.
  • Corporate Tax
    The corporate tax rate in Denmark is 22 %, which is below the average EU level.

Our MSI Global partner

Our MSI Global partner in Denmark is Piaster Revisorerne. Piaster is a State Authorized Public Accounting firm, who provides a wide range of financial services to international clients.

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