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Go Global – expanding to Denmark

Denmark is a modern Nordic country with a healthy fiscal policy and it has been rated as one of the best places in the world to do business. Greenstep offers global consultancy services to ensure smooth and effortless operations in Denmark and over 100 other countries.


One partner to help you expand your business

Are you looking to expand your business to Germany? There are many financial, regulatory, and legal considerations for companies operating in Germany. Greenstep offers global consulting services for the possible challenges of internationalization.

Avoid unnecessary trial and error and common mistakes with a financial advisory partner who can guide you through the various steps of internationalization and ensure that you comply with all requirements. With a comprehensive global partner, expansion into Germany and over 100 other countries is as easy as possible. Are you ready to go?

Denmark: modern Nordic country with good trading relationships to Europe

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Individual Income Tax

The average income tax is dependent on the yearly income of the employee and the rate is progressive. However, the marginal rate cannot exceed 52.06 %.

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VAT in Denmark

The VAT rate in Denmark is 25 %. There is no reduced rate, but a number of services (public transportation, health care, publishing newspapers) are not subject to VAT.

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Corporate Tax in Denmark

The corporate tax rate in Denmark is 22 %, which is below the average EU level.

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Our One Touch service model

We recognize that some countries are more important to our customers than others. Therefore, we offer tailored service solutions to provide the most value to our customers and take into account all local requirements and possible language challenges your subsidiaries might face.

With our One Touch model, we offer you a tailored solution that you can optimize exactly to your needs. With the help of MSI Global Alliance, we can take care of your financial services and help the cross-country coordination to be as smooth as possible.

Our MSI Global partner in Denmark is Piaster Revisorerne. Piaster is a State Authorized Public Accounting firm, that provides a wide range of financial services to international clients.

The right software builds a ground to leap from

NetSuite clarifies your processes

NetSuite is a cloud-based business management system that is tailored to support the unique needs of your business. Projects include evaluating and adapting entire financial processes for scalable operations.

Bezala makes expense claims easy

Bezala has been developed by Greenstep to help you claim expenses quickly and easily. Instead of collecting receipts and carrying them from one country to another, you can take a photo of your receipts and send them directly to the accounting department without wasting your time on copying, scanning, and writing reports. With Bezala you can also claim per diems and mileage claims.

Mileage allowance in Denmark: DKK 3.73/km

Per diem in Denmark: DKK 238 €

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