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Comprehensive and high-quality services for the non-profit organisations

At Greenstep, we professionally support your organization. With the help of electronic financial management, we help to create a real-time scope of the financial situation of your organization and bring transparency in your reporting. We ease up the process of expense and travel invoices with the Bezala software, in which receipts are entered easily on a mobile phone.

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Greenstep in the support for unions and associations

The financial management of unions, associations and other non-profit organizations differs from that of business. At Greenstep, we know the financial specifics of the non-profit organizations and the operating environment.

In non-profit organizations, the logic of the entire financial administration, such as the income statement formula and key figures, is different, in which case forecasting models based on the business logic of a limited company cannot be used. Our experienced experts handle the financial management of your organization in a high quality manner and, if necessary, help to develop appropriate reporting tools and processes for your organization, so that you can anticipate the future and make decisions based on up-to-date information.

The earnings logic in unions and associations is also different than in companies, when the income stream is formed e.g. membership fees and various grants. Revenue monitoring must be transparent and it is important to make forecasts on a rolling basis. For example, we can help arrange financing when the cash situation so requires, as well as monitor and report on various forms of financing and projects.

Electronic financial management enables real-time information as well as open information sharing. We recommend Netvisor software for financial management, as it is responses for the needs of non-profit organizations well. The software makes accounting and financial reporting easier when all the information is in one place. In addition, BI Book, a completely new reporting solution built on Power BI, helps you forecast and analyze your organization’s financial figures.

Associations and sports clubs traditionally spend a lot of time processing various expense and travel invoices and commissions. There are a lot of random cost and travel billing factors in these organizations, and for this we have created a cost-effective model with the Bezala app we have developed, in which receipts are easily enrolled on a mobile phone. Bezala also makes it easy to pay commissions. When you pay fees through Bezala, the app will automatically calculate a withholding tax on the fee, and we will also make notifications to the Income Register for you.

Our HR experts act as enablers for the development of organizations by offering their expertise in management, goal setting, organizational culture and competence development as well as operational HR matters. Just like with financial management, you can outsource human resources to Greenstep to the extent of your needs.