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Business-oriented HR, culture and clarity of operations

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HR Services tailored to your needs

Greenstep has been providing HR Services for several years now. With Kati Tuovinen, the HR team has grown into an efficient team of over thirty HR professionals who every day delight our customers with their quality services.

Greenstep aims to support its customers at different stages of growth. HR Services were developed to make it easier and more agile for our customers to grow. Investing in business-oriented HR, culture and clarity of operations ensures a good growth platform for the company, i.e. a basis for employee experience. Our HR experts act as enablers of the company's growth by offering their expertise following the company's life cycle, e.g.

As with financial management, you can outsource human resources to Greenstep to the extent of your needs. Our HR consultants have comprehensive knowledge of both HRM and HRD entities.

Our most popular HR Services are the HR Kick Off Workshop and the part-time HR service. In the HR Kick Off Workshop, the client's HR management receives a comprehensive overall picture of HR's current state and target. As a result of the workshop, the client will receive a prioritized development plan for HR making. This also often works as a way to start a partnership for a part-time HR Service, between Greenstep and the client.

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Benefits of Outsourced HR

Enabling growth

From operative to strategic HR

Bringing clarity to changes and growth

Clarity to changes and growth, outsourcing enables an objective view to current practices and help in leading change

More time

You can concentrate on growing your business

Strong foundation of employee experience

Statutory HR tasks are delivered with high quality and on time

Highly skilled professionals

Our HR consultants are experienced in change management and good and quick in recognising organisation's HR needs

Flexible service

We can focus on the most important development needs or take a more holistic approach to your organisation's HR

Cost-effective solution

All our services are scalable to customer needs

Everyone at Greenstep at your service

With 300 experts, you benefit from our shared expertise

Greenstep's HR Services

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