Cash flow management

Greenstep's experienced experts helps you identify potential areas of flexibility to your company's cash flow so it can be used optimally when needed.

Cash flow management

Sufficient cash liquidity is prerequisite for business to handle current expenses. Cash flow management refers to the monitoring of a company's financial situation: what is the situation now and how will it develop in a certain period of time? This is to ensure that available cash resources do not run out and to anticipate potential liquidity challenges. We also help you find additional funding for your business if needed.

Cash flow forecast

The cash flow forecast can be generated for the needs of the company, either on a daily basis or in the longer term. The daily cash forecast predicts, on a daily basis, what payments are due at any time and what revenue is expected on certain days, knowing when the company may need additional financing. The long-term cash flow forecast is based on trends and assumptions and forecasts that take into account the customer's business and growth targets. Together with the customer, we review long-term goals and help plan cash flow improvement measures, based on which we create a cash flow forecast that considers different scenarios.

Professional liquidity management

Cash flow management is a time-consuming task, and its effective management requires several years of experience in financial management. Greenstep's experienced experts help identify potential areas of flexibility for your company's cash flow so that it can be used in an optimal way when needed. We also take advantage of modern tools such as PowerBI and BiBook, which allow us to see a clear picture of the state of the financials and thus forecast cash flow. By using an experienced professional, the company's own resources time are freed up at the same time, e.g. running an operational business.