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A comprehensive partner for the expert organizations

Taking care of your employees is a necessity - especially when the performance of the organization is relying on it. We have a solid track record to back up our story; Greenstep’s strong culture and proactive practices have made it possible to generate a clear solution for expert organizations. Cooperation can be started as a single service or by developing all processes. The human capital solution consists of the following expert services:

Developing your human capital pays off

As the company's most important resources are tied to the human capital, the clarity of operating methods and organizational culture must be maintained.

We at Greenstep, believe that organizational culture eats strategies for breakfast. By this, we mean the importance of culture as a basis for strategic guidelines and as a key factor for job satisfaction. With our business-oriented HR service, we are able to increase the efficiency of the company's human capital to achieve a common goal. As a full-service HR partner, we can cover from the leadership development and the orientation of major strategic directions to the day-to-day operational activities of HR and the issues that concern you in the form of the HR HelpDesk.

The success of companies that rely heavily on personnel is based on a clear and successful payroll process. A flawless process is not far behind, but persistent payroll errors are one of the biggest factors contributing to personnel dissatisfaction. The customer relationship is at the heart of outsourced payroll, which allows us to proactively develop our mutual processes. Effortless expense claim management is also an important process between staff and money. The uncomplicated Bezala, a travel and expense invoicing system, facilitates the operation of both parties and reduces the risk of used expenses by reducing the old-fashioned hassle with receipt.

We can complement our comprehensive solution in the form of high-quality accounting and financial management services. When HR and financial management speaks a common language, functions can be developed to support each other. The co-operation of the parties can be unified by analytics, to make decision-making easier and be supported by collected data and clear and easy-to-understand BI reports.