First North Certified Adviser

The necessary advisory support for the listing process and beyond.

A Certified Adviser helps companies that are planning to list on the First North marketplace and supports them in meeting the requirements of the marketplace. Greenstep provides companies with listing ambitions with the mandatory services of a Certified Adviser in a client-focused manner.

A company listing on the First North market of the Helsinki Stock Exchange must be supported by a Certified Adviser, who assists the company in preparing and implementing the listing.

A Certified Adviser is an experienced expert external to the listed company or a company planning listing. His or her role is to ensure that the company meets the requirements set for companies listed on the First North marketplace. Certified Advisers must have the experience and knowledge that meets the Nasdaq certification criteria.

"We want to be a positive driving force behind the development of Nordic growth companies."

What support will a qualified adviser give to your company?

The role of a Certified Adviser is to guide a company aiming to list on the First North marketplace and to help it meet the criteria and obligations of the marketplace. The adviser will also play an important role once the listing has taken place. For example, the adviser can help to ensure that reporting and disclosure requirements are met in accordance with the requirements for companies listed on Nasdaq First North.

Our role as a Certified Adviser is to assist in all needs the growth company with listing ambitions may have: we assist companies in all stages of the listing process and, of course, in other issues that arise along the path of a listed company. We help for example with the application process, corporate governance and communication / PR.

Listing on the First North marketplace requires the support of a Certified Adviser

The Nasdaq First North Helsinki marketplace is a great alternative to the main list for growth companies. Listing takes time and requires the support of experienced experts. That is why it is important to start preparing for an IPO well in advance. Contact us, we are happy to help with any questions you may have!