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Supporting start-ups and growth companies on their road to success

Supporting growth companies has been in Greenstep’s DNA from the beginning. We have gain knowledge from the field of growth business and built relationships with investors. Together we can achieve the success!

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Building growth is a team sport

Start-up company faces many challenges in early years related to the availability of financing, staff resourcing, and streamlining the processes. It is impossible to know everything by yourself. Greenstep has supported many growth companies on their journey to success. With our professionalism and lessons learned along the way, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel but help your company find the best practices for you. This allows you to focus on your core competencies and we will back you up.

First impression to the investor can be made only once

Many of our clients succeeded with bootstrapping, but the lack of funding was already starting to be an obstacle to growth. If you are considering raising finance, be it at the a seed, series A, B stage or a more established company, the ground work should always be in order for potential investors. When the runways are short and the average investor is only interested in about every tenth target company presented to him, charming at first glance is extremely important.

Together with experts, we can find the best start-up and growth financing opportunities to support the growth of your company. Investors rely on the figures and the valuation we produce, so you get a reliable backrest to bring out your maximum potential. Using an outside expert in negotiations with investors will improve your chances of success, as an experienced negotiator will help ensure you the best contacts as well as ensure that nothing essential is left out of the negotiations.

We have experience in several Independent Business Review reporting projects, which provide the company with an overview of possible financing models using data from company’s internal and external resources. The report gives financiers a clear view of the company’s status as well as potential, making it easier to get a positive financing decision.

In addition to private financing, the company should plan to apply for public financing. Because the public funding channels are fragmented and partially overlapping, knowing the alternatives is very helpful from a company perspective. We support the growth of our customers with our expertise in selecting and applying for suitable public funding sources.

Growth is made in the core processes – we support you with a reliable back office

Many growth companies have experienced board, in addition to which investors expect the company's operational management to focus on business development. The pressures are hard, and the runways are short. However, it is not always possible for companies, especially in the early stages, to hire a competent CFO or controller to handle the company's finances. Greenstep offers you a competent and experienced CFO or controller part-time, tailored to your situation. Our financial management services can also be utilized from time to time in the event of an unexpected situation. There is a general need for Interim resources, for example in the event of sudden personnel changes during the transition period. In this way, your company’s financial management is in cost - effective hands through time & material - based contracts

To ensure on creating growth, company management must full focus to operational activities. In this case, it is a good idea to outsource support functions, such as financial management, to a reliable partner. Growth companies should therefore look for a financial management partner with whom it can be developed with. Implementing mere accounting does cover statutory obligations, but processes often remain inefficient and cannot optimally support a company’s growth. High-quality accounting and its development together increase the number of rounds to growth engines instead of slowing down.

In order to have a clear picture of the state of the financials and customer behavior, analytics and reporting must be in order. It is important to be clear across the board about the company’s financial situation or what customers’ payment behavior is for future payment period negotiations. With the BiBook reporting tool, you create easy-to-use and visually clear reports on various financial management entities. You can also take advantage of BiBook to talk to investors as well as financiers, giving them a clear picture of the company’s situation.

Personnel as a growth driver

In the early stages of start-ups, a lack of resources and brand awareness creates a situation where risks must be taken in order to compete. The culture of a small team is automatically built on key personal chemistry. However, it is crucial to HR evolve hand in hand with the company. As the company grows, the functionality of personal chemistry alone is not enough. To retain the best experts and increase new human capital through recruitment, more attention must be paid to personnel management and employee experience.

Company can get started with an employment contract template found online, but surprises can be avoided once the HR processes have been reviewed with a professional. For example, the consistency of employment contracts, vacation policies, records, and post-employment practices can come as a surprise if they have not been thought about in advance. However, in the growth phase, a company does not always need an in-house, full-time HR expert. In this case, a more suitable and cost-effective solution can be found in the services of an HR kick-off workshop and a part-time HR professional.

As the number of employees increases, the employer's legal obligations, nurturing and developing the organizational culture and taking care of the employee experience become even stronger. It will surely come as no surprise that committed and satisfied employees do their jobs better. Studies show that this is also reflected financially in the numbers. Employees who are committed through strong employee experience are 21% more profitable, while those who are less committed (Gallup 2016) and companies that invest in employee experience have 11% higher turnover than those who did not invest in it (Forrester Research 2016). For this reason, it is important to keep the human resources strategy on track with the company’s growth.

Growth is an admirable state that must also be managed. As the company grows, it takes more time to develop personal chemistry and get to know people. Well-designed processes, such as successful training period, create better opportunities for staff to succeed in their jobs and increase their skills. We support you in the design and development of processes, as well as in many other personnel-related issues.

Ensure scalability, in order to conquer the world

When aiming for future growth, the scalability of the company's internal processes must be taken into account. No one wants to drift into a situation where, as activities develop, they find themselves in a situation where the current system is no longer suitable for their own needs. Often, however, this issue is encountered as activity increases. Greenstep's services are built to scale to domestic conquest as well as international markets. For example, HR as well as payroll, business management (eg. NetSuite) and the development of internal processes will be much easier in the future as well, as they are already taken into account during the company's growth phase.

We are happy to help develop these areas towards a whole, as we want to be involved in helping you on your journey to success!