Interim Sustainability Specialist/ Manager

Flexible support for sustainability work as you need it!

Does your sustainability strategy need an extra boost and support, or is your sustainability expert changing? Let our sustainability specialists help you manage your sustainability on a part-time or interim basis.

Without a specialist, starting a sustainability project can be challenging as the requirements can be broad and complex. However, sustainability professionals are in high demand in the labor market and recruitment is usually not easy. In many situations, the need for an expert may also be project-based and temporary.

In these situations, an interim sustainability specialist or manager can provide your organization with a high level of expertise on a flexible basis. Our experienced sustainability professionals will also support and work with the client's sustainability manager or team. This versatile service provides additional resources for sustainability work in a variety of areas, always tailored to your needs.

An Interim Sustainability Specialist or Manager works in the same way as an interim CFO:

  • within the customer organization,
  • as part of the customer's sustainability team and in collaboration with other teams
  • for a period of time appropriate to the customer, from a few hours to several days
  • on a specific sustainability project (such as sustainability reporting)
  • implementing sustainability practices and strategies in the business
Interim Sustainability Specialist/ Manager
An interim sustainability specialist can help you with sustainability issues in the same way that an interim CFO can help you with financial management.

Benefits of an interim sustainability expert or manager:

  • Flexible expert support without the need for recruitment.
  • Save resources - experienced sustainability professionals are in high demand, which is reflected in salary levels.
  • No commitment as the service is provided on a project or longer term basis.
  • Continuity during temporary absence of the customer's sustainability manager or specialist

The right person for the role is selected based on the customer's needs, industry, and objectives.

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