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Back office services for SaaS companies from a SaaS company

2,000+ companies and 40,000+ people around the world use SaaS services developed by Greenstep. We know what SaaS companies expect from a back-office provider, and we’re happy to help with your company’s financial management, financial management, HR, and ERP needs.


We'll back you up, SaaS companies!

Our accountants and CFOs have extensive experience with SaaS companies and can identify the specific needs of the companies.

The financial management of SaaS companies differs from other companies due to, for example, monthly recurring turnover and revenue deferral. In addition, there may be hundreds of bank transfers for suppliers and employees every week, so the automation of the payment processes should be implemented.

Our CFO’s assist you in defining business metrics, creating or streamlining metrics reporting processes, and continuously analyzing results, among other things. In addition, the CFO, along with the accountant, reviews your company’s financial management processes to find ways to streamline and automate to reduce extra work.

SaaS companies' experiences of Greenstep

We previously had a partnership with another accounting firm. It worked well, but our business became more and more global, and we naturally had to adapt to it. We have a different type of group structure than traditional Swedish companies, so we need people who know how to operate in several countries. From this perspective, Greenstep felt like a "perfect match" for us.

Anders Lithner

Co-founder & CEO
Brand Metrics

The most important thing about Greenstep is their reliability both in terms of schedules and the expertise of their experts. Greenstep has been a good and reliable partner on our journey of becoming a listed company. I can recommend Greenstep as a partner.

Susanna Latlava-Andersson

Head of Finance and Accounting
Optomed PLC

With Greenstep I don't need to worry or double-check things myself. If an expert from Greenstep provides an assessment related to budgeting, accounting, or taxation, for example, I know that I can trust it and that it is clear. It's easy and carefree to be a customer of Greenstep. You can always count on things being done as planned, on time and with professionalism.

Kristian Ranta

CEO, Founder
Meru Health

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Automated sales ledger

In SaaS companies, automation of financial processes is important due to the typically high transaction volumes in the industry. With automation, we can keep the volumes and the associated workload on a reasonable level for the company.

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Finding the right metrics

You shouldn't do basic metrics unless you want to lose benchmarking data. We'll help you find and track the most useful metrics, like MRR, churn, CAC, LTV etc. so you can interpret revenue and profitability formation.

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Seamless reporting

The classic Excel + Powerpoint reporting works great, until it doesn't. We offer the tools and knowhow for comprehensive and holistic business metric reporting. It's powered by PowerBI, which helps to create stunning, visualized dashboards.

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HR services

When a company grows, so does its HR needs to make sure, that everything is done right and employees have a solid foundation to succeed. Greenstep can provide SaaS companies with all the help they need in HR matters with a wide range of services.

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Help across the seas

We have expanded our business to multiple countries and we know, what going global requires. We have helped a lot of our customers succeed in new countries and work within local laws and regulations. It's also important to note, that we're also willing to tell you if you're not ready to go global just yet.

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Scaling your business

Greenstep is ready to support your SaaS business throughout its lifecycle. We handle accounting, payroll and regulatory reporting expertly, and help you with data, CFO, HR and ERP services whenever needed.

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Expert financial management for SaaS companies

Our goal is to help streamline and automate your financial management processes, so you can keep your focus on what you do best: create the best software you can.