Private equity funds´ back office

Greenstep offers scalable back office services for different types of funds, from investor reporting to accounting and regulatory reporting. Greenstep has a single accountable model, ie your fund's authority and investor reporting is handled by a professional appointed by our CFO team, who works closely with your own accountant.

The management and accounting of private equity funds and investment services companies require special expertise. The different reporting needs for different types of funds and other regulated entities are extensive and detailed. Regulatory reporting is always changing and requires regulation to be followed. Investors also demand that they receive the right information in a timely manner. Today, investors also expect to have different options for report distribution; instead of just a pdf report, for example, an electronic portal where investor information is up-to-date on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The funds' accounts are managed by our own fund accounting team, which has the latest information on various regulations.

Greenstep's competent team handles expertly e.g. the following back office tasks for the funds:

  • Fund payments (capital calls and refunds)
  • Fund accounting with special expertise. In Greenstep, the client's own fund accountant knows the special features of the funds in connection with e.g. investment accounting, taxation and balance sheet content
  • Contractual investor and portfolio reporting
  • Regulatory reporting (AIFM and other FiVa reporting, SIRA-PEF, FATCA, CRS)
  • Ad hoc investor surveys and other ancillary tasks related to fund management according to the client's needs
  • Valuation services (fund valuation rules have been clarified recently)
  • Fund-related training tailored